The Garlic is in the Ground!

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This year we ditched the shovel and brought in Mr Pasquali and Big Berta to reduce some of the back breaking work that goes into producing our chemical free garlic.

The current drought has made us cautious, so we have not increased the amount of garlic seed planted this season, but we have included an extra variety this year to extend our growing season. Finding affordable and suitable mulch has been tricky throughout the drought so we are also trialling some weed matting, Weed Gunnel on some of our garlic to see how it goes.

We have planted 4 varieties this year – Monaro Purple, Aussie White, Aussie Red and Dunganski. With our new variety Dunganski, we will be harvesting from early December 2018 through to March 2019…. extending the time our beautiful fresh Australian grown garlic is available!


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