All our garlic is now sold out for the season. We are feeling  pretty pleased that with our early, mid, and late garlic varieties combined, we managed to have garlic for sale from December 2018 though to August 2019. This also proves that if one little farm in a cold climate of Australia can supply garlic for 8 – 9 months of the year, then with all the various climates around our great country, there is no reason why Australian garlic can not be available to consumers for pretty much all year around! Support Australian growers and ask why your local supermarket or grocer doesn’t stock Aussie garlic if it is not available. dunganski

For the up coming season we have increased the amount of garlic planted, so fingers crossed and if the weather co operates, we will  have our award winning garlic available for an even longer period throughout the end of 2019 and into 2020!

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