Monaro Purple Braids  


Here at Snug Farm, the main variety of garlic we have chosen to grow is Monaro Purple, a hardneck variety with up to 10 plump cloves per bulb. It has  an intense hot flavour when raw that becomes sweet and nutty when cooked. Stored for 4 – 6 months. Originating in the Monaro region of NSW we believed this would do well on our high altitude property, and, after harvesting our first lot in early December, we are very happy with just how well it has done!

Our garlic is grown using regenerative, organic methods, so it is chemical free.

Monaro Purple Premium bulbs

500g for $15 SOLD OUT

1kg for $28 SOLD OUT



Monaro Purple “smalls” 

Just as yum as our premium grade garlic, just smaller! 

500g for $10

1kg for $18


Australian White garlic is softneck variety with a simple mild flavour, and a long storage capability. It is an Australian cultivar originating in South Australia well suited to our cold frosty winters and dry summers.




Aussie White braids        $17 each or 2 for $30

Australian White Premium bulbs


cropped-26165807_1774076305937957_9066475599679672516_n-edited.jpg500g for $15




1kg for $28


Aussie White smalls


cropped-26165807_1774076305937957_9066475599679672516_n-edited.jpg500g for $10
cropped-26165807_1774076305937957_9066475599679672516_n-edited.jpg1kg for $18


To order

All enquiries welcome. Larger quantities and custom made braids available.

Postage is extra, enquire for a quote.

Delivery through the Blue mountains and surrounds is available. Please contact us for more details.

Coming soon  – DUNGANSKI

Dunganski is a late harvest cold climate specific garlic belonging to the Standard Purple Stripe garlic group.  Bulbs have around 10 cloves. It has a nice moderate to hot flavour, good raw and awesome roasted!

Storage is good, 7-9 months if stored correctly.