Snug Farm is a small, family run mixed farm in the gorgeous high country rolling hills just out of Oberon NSW. Our focus is on building resilience by using Regenerative farming practices that develop healthy soils, increase biodiversity & improve water storage throughout the farm. Our priority is to produce safe, nutrient dense food in a caring & ethical way that improves our precious piece of the Earth.

Heading the human work crew are Lisa and Tor. Lisa (the formulator and engine) and Tor (chief fixer, builder & brawn ) both dreamt of escaping their suburban life and make the move to the land to provide space, fresh air and organic food for our family. That dream grew into a passion for providing the best quality garlic, happy pastured porkers and easy to handle, dual-purpose cattle for our customers.

We consider our livestock to be integral members of the Snug Farm team. Our animals play an important roll in weed management, waste management and quality soil construction. In turn, healthier soils grow healthier pastures for them to feast upon.

Our farming practises are inspired from many such as Permaculture founder Bill Mollison & David Holmgren, Polyface farmer Joel Salatin, Allan Savory to name a few. We are constantly experimenting, learning & refining our practises to adapt to our unique cold sub alpine Australian climate, landscape & soils.

At Snug Farm we value the relationships we have with our customers. We aim for transparency in our farming practices and it is the reason why we sell direct. We want our customers to know that they can trust that products they buy from us. That they are produced ethically and with care – with care for people, place & planet.