Garlic is such an awesome plant to grow and eat. As well as tasting fantastic, it  has many scientifically proven health benefits. It is known to kill bacteria and fungi, have anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, and is known to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. At Snug Farm, we definitely believe garlic is an amazing super food!


Garlic has been cultivated and eaten by humans for thousands of years, and there are hundreds of cultivars, each with their own unique flavours and qualities.  Here at Snug Farm we grow varieties that do well in sub-alpine cold climates here in NSW Australia. We are still experimenting, trialling new varieties every season to extend the period we can supply garlic throughout the year.

This year we grew two Turban varieties. These two,  our first to harvest around the end of November, early December are Australian Red and our award winning Monaro Purple.

Turban garlics don’t store as long as others (4-6 months) but make a strong flavoured all-round garlic suitable for eating raw, sautéing and are awesome roasted.

Our next to harvest, towards the end of December, is Australian White  belonging to the Artichoke family. Artichokes are a milder flavoured garlic that store well, up to 8 months.

Our last to harvest in January is our Dunganski, belonging to the Purple Stripe garlic group. This variety grows best in a cold climate, so perfect for us.  It stores well, up to  9 months and has a really strong, hot garlic flavour.


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