Our Cattle

Here at Snug Farm we aim to breed small, easy to handle polled cattle that have calm temperaments, are easy calvers, excellent mothers and efficient grazers. Our beef cattle are Scottish Highlands x Dexter and Dairy are Jersey / Holstein x Dexter.  Being smaller they are easier on fences and require less infrastructure – perfect for lifestyle & hobby farms. Scottish Highlands and Dexters are both extremely hardy breeds of cattle that have adapted to harsh climates so can produce top qualty beef with minimal inputs.

Our beefy Highland crosses are small, fluffy and cute like a Highland, but without the horns!  We found horns on cattle can be, at times a little scary & problematic so we decided to naturally breed them out using a homozygous polled bulls.

Snug Farm dairy cows are all dairy breeds such as  Jersey or Holstein crossed with a dual purpose Dexter. We get a house cow perfect for the family, retaining all the fabulous milky qualities of a dairy cow but in a smaller package! These girls do produce less milk than pure dairy girls, but still enough to raise a calf and supply the family. Other advantages are that they have less health problems common to dairy cows such as mastitis and milk fever, and they require  less feed to stay in top condition.

As we have cattle available for sale we will list them below.

Snug Farm Highland cattle
Zoe Jersey cross Dexter cow
Zoe Jersey cross Dexter with bull calf