Food Waste – Egg Shells

egg shells in a baking pan

Simple & Cost-Effective Ways to Use Egg Shells Around Your Home

Why should you hang onto your waste egg shells rather than toss them?  There are loads of reasons and we will share with you how we put them to use at Snug Farm…..

First we prep them for use. We dry them out in the oven for around 5 – 10 minutes. (No need to waste power on this, just chuck them in when you are cooking something else).

Leave them to cool and then time to crush them. We mostly just use our hands, but you can use a food processor or grind them with a mortar and pestle to make them as fine as you like. However best suits their purpose.

egg shells drying in a wood fire oven
Dried and crushed egg shells

Once dried and crushed you can store your precious resource for future use, but with so many uses, I doubt they will be in storage for long!

Below is a list of beneficial ways we use them around Snug Farm……


  • Got Chooks? Then use them as a natural and inexpensive calcium feed supplement.
  • Pests in the Garden? Sprinkle around young seedlings to deter snails and slugs while also adding calcium to your soil!
  • Got Compost or Worms?  Add them to your compost or worm farm. Both will love the extra boost in nutrients.
  • Pot Plants. Add them to your potting mix for extra drainage & calcium.
  • Stubborn Dirty Pots? You can use them as a gentle abrasive to help clean stubborn marks from pots and pans.

Got some egg-ceptional ways your use egg shell waste around your home? We totally wanna hear your egg-cellent ideas, so why don’t you drop them in the comments section below?

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One comment on “Food Waste – Egg Shells

Lalage Craig

Thank you that is really helpful!
I will stop throwing them away immediately!


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